• Flowers and plants are nature’s creations and no two nature’s creations are exactly alike! Variations of flower and foliage colors, shapes, and sizes are always expected, and the color intensities and hue may look different from our product photo under different lighting conditions. Please take our product photo only as a general design principle, and let nature play out its beautiful diversity!
  • If you want to change product items or Cancel orders please notify us FIVE days before the delivery date. All flower arrangements are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  • Typhoon 8 and above & Black Rainstorm Signal: The flowers will be delivered on the next available day.
  • Delivery Charge is for one delivery only. If the delivery is unsuccessful due to 1. the sender’s provision of incorrect or incomplete information 2. the receiver not being at the address provided (moved, out of town, etc). The flower arrangement will be delivery back to the shop. Once the second delivery charge has been paid, Juju Flowers will deliver the order on the next available date.